Nebula mirror

Modern container mirror to be installed on the wall or semi-recessed, with external and internal LED lighting. Bathroom mirror complete with anti-fog function, internal glass shelves, mirrored back and shaver socket.
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Nebula bathroom mirror with environmental LED lights 6000K under the structure (not present in the semi-recessed version) and on the glass with double backlit decoration. Through an infrared switch placed on the side of the structure it is possible to switch the lights on or off by simply passing the hand close to it. For the sensor to work correctly, we recommend installing the mirror at a distance of at least 15 cm from the wall or any obstructions. Wall mirror with aluminum structure and doors with double mirror inside / outside mounted on concealed hinges with backlit frame with LED light.

Modern container mirror measures:

  • 1 door L. 50 H. 70 P. 12.5 cm
  • 2 doors L. 70 H. 70 P. 12.5 cm
  • 2 doors L. 90 H. 70 P. 12.5 cm
  • 2 doors L. 120 H. 70 P. 12.5 cm

Semi-recessed container mirror measures:

  • 1 door L. 50 H. 70 P. 12 cm
  • 2 doors L. 70 H. 70 P. 12 cm
  • 2 doors L. 90 H. 70 P. 12 cm
  • 2 doors L. 120 H. 70 P. 12 cm

In the semi-recessed version the mirror is 8 cm inside the wall and the remaining 4 cm are the external bulk of the wall.

Technological mirror with anti-fog function that prevents the vapor from settling on the reflecting surface and with an internal LED light for greater brightness that is activated by opening the doors. Inside the mirror is complete with transparent tempered glass shelves adjustable in height, a razor grip and a mirrored back. As an option it is possible to have a schuko socket to be installed freely inside the structure to connect electrical appliances.

Technical Features

Technical features:

  • easy installation
  • high performance LED light combined with very low power consumption
  • connection to the 220 V electrical network
  • certification CE
  • IP44 degree of protection

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