Home furniture delivery

The home delivery service includes the shipment of furniture within the home. The assembly of the furnishings is not foreseenand must be requested expressly from our Customer Service. This service is carried out with one or more qualified persons in handling furniture and furnishings of all kinds. For an optimal service the customer is required to verify that the delivery address is reachable with a truck of a length between 7 and 12 meters and that the passage inside the house is easily accessible. The customer is responsible for verifying that the destination room is free from obstacles and that the passage areas are passable following the criteria in a "accessible stairwell". A stairwell is intended to be accessible when it favors the simultaneous passage of two people carrying a single package. According to Italian legislation we report below the minimum measures that the stairwell must have to allow the transport of packages to the house.

In the case of linear stair ramps, a stairwell with a width of 80 cm and a height of 210 cm must be present

Linear stair ramps

In case of flights of stairs with a 90° angle you must have a stairwell with a 120x120 cm landing and a 210 cm height

Flights of stairs with a 90° angle

In case of flights of stairs with an angle of 180° you must have a stairwell with a landing measuring 170x80 cm and a height of 210 cm

Flights of stairs with an angle of 180°

By choosing this service the customer must check the free passage for the transport of packages in the house and is responsible for ensuring that the access conditions are suitable. In the event of an incorrect or non-reporting by the customer, which may lead to the prevention of the transport of the furniture through the stairwell or doors, the furniture will be left on the street level or in intermediate points of the route without it being possible to claim any crediting. In the event that the customer is not sure that the stairwell is fit for use or is in a situation that could cause problems during transport, our Customer Service is available for any investigation. At the time of delivery it is the customer's duty to carefully follow the instructions for the Goods Receipt Procedure.


The cost of home delivery does not include supplements related to reaching the address with special means of transport and / or requiring specific equipment for transporting the goods home. The following are some conditions in which a surcharge may apply for home delivery:

  • need for permits for access to Limited Traffic Zones and Pedestrian Areas for the duration of the service
  • use of freight elevators
  • unpacking packages and packaging withdrawal
  • furniture assembly
  • disassembly of pre-assembled furniture to allow its passage

If you plan to return to one of these cases or if you are not sure if you have a pass for the transport of packages in your home, please contact our Customer Service for any clarification.