Crete table

Design table, square or rectangular, available in various sizes. Modern table with transparent glass legs and laminate or ecomalta top.
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Modern table with Crete crystal legs , available in rectangular or square version in various sizes. Table characterized by transparent crystal legs placed at 45 ° with respect to the corner of the top, which are inserted on the latter through a milling, which allows the profile of the legs to be visible from the top itself.

Table with an elegant and refined design, given by the transparency of the legs combined with the top that can be in ecomalta, lacquered, veneered or in melamine in various colors.

Modern and fixed table measures H. 74.5 cm:

  • square 100x100 (150-200) cm (4 (6-8) seats)
  • square 110x110 (160-210) cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • square 120x120 (170-220) cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • square 130x130 (180-230) cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • square 140x140 (190-240) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • square 150x150 (200-250) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • square 160x160 (210-260) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • rectangular 90x160 (210-260) cm (6 (8-12) seats)
  • rectangular 100x180 (230-280) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • rectangular 100x200 (250-300) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • rectangular 100x220 (270-320) cm (10 (10-12) seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.

Technical Features


made of 1.9 cm thick extralight glass.

Top and extensions:

made of 3 cm thick melamine or veneered, ecomalta and 4 cm thick laminate.

Elongation mechanism:

Allungamento tavolo
archaic, but functional support, made from pressed steel, inside which runs an extension support tube, which must be placed apart from the table.

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