Mydesk console

Modern desk with transparent tempered glass sides and wooden drawer available in various finishes. Desk console complete with aluminum footrest tube, suitable both for the study area in a bedroom and in the living area.
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Mydesk modern desk console suitable for the study area in a bedroom or living area. Desk console with sides in 10 mm thick transparent tempered glass, top and drawer made of 18 mm thick wood covered with ecological laminate in various finishes. The current colors can be solid colors like white, dove gray and slate gray or wood effect for a more welcoming solution, for example in walnut or slate walnut finish.

Glass and wooden desk measures: L. 100 P. 55 H. 73 cm

Desk with drawer with clean and linear lines complete with cylindrical footrest tube made of aluminum. The design and conception of Mydesk is made in Italy by the Pezzani company that wanted to combine different elements such as wood and glass to highlight a suspended effect by playing on the transparency of the hips.

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