Achille disappeared bed

Bedside cabinet with roll-up door with single foldaway bed complete with mesh and mattress. Mobile bed available in various sizes and in different colors for a customized product.
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Achille foldaway bed ideal for decorating small homes, student houses, vacation homes or studios. Bed cabinet with roller shutter door useful for transforming the living area of the house into a sleeping area.

Single bed cupboard measures:

  • L. 90 P. 47 H. 133 cm (closed) - L. 90 P. 215 H. 133 (open)
  • L. 90 P. 47 H. 182 cm (closed) - L. 90 P. 215 H. 182 (open)

Customizable bed furniture also in the colors of the structure and the shutter. The closed cabinet looks like an elegant well-defined wardrobe in detail.

Wardrobe with shutter door with single pull-out bed in a few simple steps, complete with beech wood slatted base and resin mattress.

  • Mattress size: L.80 P. 180 H. 10 cm
  • Network measurements: L. 80 P. 185 cm

Technical Features


  • sliding of the shutter on wheels with rubber gaskets that make the movement silent.
  • opening and closing controlled by a travel retarder with steel springs.
  • shutter of the shutter reinforced with soft extrusion.
  • adjustable feet from the inside (H. 3 cm).
  • reinforced back 10 mm thick.
  • film-coated shutter.

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