Greek table

Extendable table with white glass or ecomalta top in various colors. Modern table with solid painted metal structure, with special triangular section legs.
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Greek modern extending table characterized by four triangular section legs that give an original and refined design. Table with painted metal structure and top available in white glass or ecomalta in various colors of your choice.

The solid structure that extends maintaining the perimeter legs, combined with the verto top, allow the table to be positioned even in a living room for an elegant and linear furnishing. The ecomalta top, on the other hand, given its composition, is ideal for positioning the table in the kitchen where you can work peacefully on the top.

The 60 cm extension positioned under the top extends in a semi-automatic way, facilitating its opening and closing.

Extendable table measures:

  • 85x125 / 185 H. 76 cm (6/8 seats)
  • 85x140 / 200 H. 76 cm (6/8 seats)
  • 85x160 / 220 H. 76 cm (6/10 seats)
  • 85x175 / 235 H. 76 cm (8/10 seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.

Technical Features


made of powder-coated steel.

Plan and stretch:

made of tempered glass, 0.8 cm thick, ENI 1236 - DIN 1238 approved, or 1 cm thick ecomalta.

Elongation mechanism:

telescopic opening system that allows the legs to slide outwards and align the extension to the floor, rotating it upwards. The rotation element is machined from a Teflon sheet. The mechanism is in aluminum.

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