Cedar table

Fixed or extendable square dining table with a contemporary and delicate design, thanks to the softness of the lines and the table top. The legs are in aluminum. The top is extendable and matching the finish: it is elegant and embossed. Available in opaque colors.
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Cedar is a square-shaped dining table that can be fixed or extendable. The extendable part is in the same color. It also has sturdy aluminum legs and extremely elegant finishes.

Its lines are soft, all this is made possible by the sinuosity that is also given by the support surface. It has excellent readiness for use, this piece of furniture is considered adequate and practical for all types of environments in which it is inserted: it is in fact an excellent solution for all living environments.

This table has a wide range of colors, especially opaque, it is also available in a bright version. Also the tops are multiple: they can be in Antique Oak or Canaletto Walnut. Also you can choose in ceramic or lacquered. These materials are all available in a thickness of 40 mm.

This dining table therefore has particularly soft lines that give it grace and naturalness. It is excellent to adapt to any style of furniture thanks to its contemporary and delicate design. It allows a perfect and balanced composition of the living space based on the requests. It lightens the environment and gives comfort to the home in an absolute way.

Fixed or extendable modern living room table measures:

  • ↔︎ 90 ↗︎ 160 (210-260) ↕︎ 76 cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 180 (230-280) ↕︎ 76 cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 200 (250-300) ↕︎ 76 cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • ↔︎ 100 ↗︎ 100 (150-200) ↕︎ 76 cm (4 (6-8) seats)
  • ↔︎ 120 ↗︎ 120 (170-220) ↕︎ 76 cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • ↔︎ 140 ↗︎ 140 (190-240) ↕︎ 76 cm (8 (10-12) seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.


✔ fixed or extendable
Contemporaneo contemporary design
✔ elegant finishes
✔ soft lines

Technical Features


made of 4 cm thick veneer, 4 cm thick lacquered or 4 cm thick ecomalta.

Elongation mechanism:

Allungamento tavolo
archaic, but functional support, made from pressed steel, inside which runs an extension support tube, which must be placed apart from the table.

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