Ginevra table

Elegant table with glass top, available in various sizes for a perfect adaptation to the size of the living room dining room. Extendable or fixed table customizable in two colors.
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Ginevra glass table with particular curved legs, which give it an original and precious look. Modern table with glass top and polyurethane legs that can be customized in two colors of your choice.

Fixed or extendable table ideal for a dining room of the living room, refined and fanciful.

Extendable dining table with two extensions in smooth white 40 cm laminate. The lengthening of the table is unilateral with the top that always remains flush with the leg.

Fixed table measures:

  • 85x150 H. 76 cm (seating for 6)
  • 85x165 H. 76 cm (seating for 6)
  • 85x185 H. 76 cm (seating for 6)
  • 85x200 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 95x185 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 95x200 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 95x225 H. 76 cm (10 seats)

Extendable table measures:

  • 85x150-230 H. 76 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x165-245 H. 76 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x185-265 H. 76 cm (6-10 seats)
  • 85x200-280 H. 76 cm (8-12 seats)
  • 95x185-265 H. 76 cm (8-10 seats)
  • 95x200-280 H. 76 cm (8-12 seats)
  • 95x225-305 H. 76 cm (10-12 seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.

Technical Features


made of glossy white polyurethane.


made of tempered glass extralight white thick 0.8 cm approved ENI 1236 - DIN 1238. Total floor height H. 6 cm.


made of white HPL laminate.

Lengthening mechanism:

telescopic opening that allows the legs to remain always at the outer edge of the floor. It is used as the backbone of the plan and legs. Its opening is determined by the extraction below the hand grip. The sliding between the two aluminum bars is determined by Teflon bearings which connect them and allow to slide over one another.

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