Bring Tv E-Box

Low tv cabinet made of transparent tempered glass with steel-coated techno-polymer wheels, also ideal for wooden floors. Modern TV stand for living room or easily movable in other rooms, complete with painted steel shelves.
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E-Box TV stand with wheels easy to move from one point to another in the living area. Tv stand in transparent tempered glass with internal shelves in painted steel in various colors and with transparent techno-polymer wheels with chromed steel connection. The wheels are pirouetting and allow the E-box to be positioned even on wooden floors, giving the possibility to be placed also in the bedrooms.

Low cabinet TV dimensions: L. 90 P. 40 H. 44 cm up to 40 "

Modern and elegant TV cabinet with a maximum range of up to 70 kg where it is possible to store furnishings as well as the TV and multimedia devices. The steel shelves are painted with a sablè finish; it is a process that makes the surface slightly rough to the touch.

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