Airone wearer

Chamber wearer to keep clothes perfectly tidy. The hanger can be be fixed at the top for dresses or coats, or pi & ugrave; below for jackets.
Cherry tree
Natural beech
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Airone chamber wearer . Pressing the pedal, Airone opens the "beak", leaving your hands free to fix the pants or skirt in the best way; releasing it gently grabs the garment, keeping it perfectly "plumb" and ready for brushing. With a simple and quick gesture it helps to keep the fold and order. The hanger can be fixed at the top for clothes or coats, or lower for jackets.

Made of solid wood, with a slender and sturdy structure, this revolutionary and elegant valet stand is complete with a storage tray and two removable hooks for ties, belts, etc.

Wooden wearer sizes: L. 44 P. 32 H. 135 cm

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