Intres table

Design table with special legs in woven metal. Fixed or extendable modern table with top available in ecomalta, veneered or laminated in various sizes.
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Intres weaving table with legs, with an original and modern design. The special zig-zag legs in painted metal give a light and youthful line that enhances the dining table.

Fixed modern table with the possibility of being extended thanks to the insertion of extensions. This table is available with a top in two different sizes and customizable in wood, laminate, melamine and ecomalta shades. The extendable version has the possibility of inserting up to a maximum of two extensions of 50 cm each that can be stored separately, for a greater space of hospitality and a better comfort for the guests.

The original contemporary woven base and the solid traditional top, give the table a unique and design look, ideal for a living room.

Fixed and extendable design table measures H. 76 cm:

  • 100x180 (230-280) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • 100x200 (250-300) cm (8 (10-12) seats)
  • 100x220 (270-320) cm (10 (10-12) seats)
  • 100x240 (290-340) cm (10 (12-14) seats)
  • 100x300 (350-400) cm (12 (14-16) seats)
  • 120x240 (290-340) cm (10 (12-14) seats)
  • 120x300 (350-400) cm (12 (14-16) seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.

Technical Features

Top and extensions:

made of 3 cm thick textured melamine or ecomalta, ceramic, veneer and 4 cm thick lacquer.

Elongation mechanism:

Allungamento tavolo
archaic, but functional support, made from pressed steel, inside which runs an extension support tube, which must be placed apart from the table.

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