Kios Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

The company was born in the municipality of Gaiarine , in the province of Treviso, but after five years it moved to Maron di Brugnera in the province of Pordenone, expanding its factory, always in the area of the furniture district .

This company believes in the enhancement of its territory and that is why all its production is carried out internally for a 100% made in Italy , thus expressing the passion for its work. The bathroom furniture is built using recycled wood panels and is ennobled with oak and walnut veneer from certified forests.

The new lacquers are non-toxic, and the doors are enriched by the new soft closing shock absorbers, top of the range, all to offer a unique product. Design and functionality come together to offer the customer a quality product, which is renewed periodically following the various trends in furniture. Choosing this company has a high degree of satisfaction in furnishing the bathroom.

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  1. Tris bath
  2. Domix bath
  3. Plam mirror
  4. Glam mirror
  5. Pinny mirror
  6. Pliup mirror
  7. Biline mirror
  8. Pika mirror
  9. Mooney mirror
  10. Clock mirror
  11. Faboi mirror
  12. Battil mirror
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