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Furnishing the kitchen environment is not always easy, especially if you don't have clear ideas. Modern kitchens today are the representation of social well-being: functional, innovative, with a unique design and customizable style. Highest quality materials and latest generation finishes, without sacrificing elegance and comfort.

Fixed-price kitchens are an excellent alternative to modular kitchens, ideal for furnishing small rooms without detracting from functionality. The locked price kitchens are basic compositions, made in series, sold at competitive prices as they are non-modifiable solutions. Ideal for meeting common needs, they allow a better distribution of spaces, without sacrificing the linear style of the environment.

Our modern kitchens are customizable in sizes, finishes, colors and accessories. Sturdy and made with high quality materials to last over time.

Fixed-price or modular kitchens? What to choose?

Nobody is able to answer this question, but surely we can give you useful information to help you in your choice:

Fixed-price kitchens are solutions of linear compositions, which usually occupy a single wall; ideal for furnishing confined spaces, they can be customized in size, color, tops, doors and accessories. They are able to satisfy criteria of functionality and practicality, without going crazy in expensive realizations and designs.

Modular kitchens are necessary in all those situations where you need to cover more spaces or if you want particular compositions. Ideal solution for large and small environments, and to meet specific needs of spaces and details, difficult to manage with fixed kitchens.

Whatever your choice, it is essential to focus everything on functionality, design, refined research of materials. The color, the peculiarity of the doors and innovative accessories will make the difference.

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