Flavio wash basin

Small wooden washbasin base with doors, aluminum bottom, complete with methacrylate or ceramic basin and pine board.
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The small washtub with Flavio laundry doors is characterized by a small base and a structure made of pretty wood, with an aluminum bottom, a basin included in methacrylate or ceramic and a supporting axis in pine.

Its reduced shape, the fact that it is easy to install and its importance in the overall context of furniture, make this product practically essential to buy and to keep in your bathroom. Thanks to its spacious doors, moreover, it is possible to place detergents, shampoos or products in general for the bathroom inside, so as to wisely combine all those that are the traits of useful, pleasant, aesthetic and functionality.

Contrary to what one might think, the bathroom also needs special attention with regards to its furnishings and care. This is why choosing a medium-sized sink, so that it does not clutter excessively, can be the element that can provide added value to the room as a whole.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 43 - 60 - 78 - 90 cm

↗︎ Depth: 50 - 60 cm

↕︎ Height: 93 cm

Advantages :

✔ small size and easy to install
✔ wooden structure that adapts to any type of furniture
✔ complete with bathtub
✔ suitable for a multitude of different uses
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