Modern and Modular Bookcases

Bookcases for every style

Bookcases are versatile and dynamic elements and are the perfect piece of furniture for any room in the house. A wall decorated with books is always beautiful to see and represents the furnishing element par excellence, suitable for every need.
The materials used for the construction define the functionality and aesthetics. In steel, plastic, wood, whatever your style, in our gallery, you will find the right bookcase for your furniture.
If you have a good collection of books, creating a library in your living area or home study where you can display them doesn't require much space. Whatever your style, classic or modern, among our articles you can find the best item for your living room, or for your office. Take a look at the selection created by Toparredi and let yourself be inspired by our proposals to create an intelligent space in your home!
Whether you want a matching shelf or you want to create a furniture with strong contrasts, Toparredi offers you the best selection of Made in Italy bookcases, where you will find the perfect one for you.
Modern and functional, suspended, modular, with a contemporary or classic design, TopArredi offers you a wide variety of models, all of excellent quality.

From shelves to dividers - the best ways to display your books.

In a house, a modern bookcase can be tall and filled with books to create a library, or it can act as a showcase designed to contain a few, selected volumes and objects.
While the first type requires a dedicated room, or at least an entire wall, the second falls into the category of furniture design.
There are a wide range of modern libraries that can successfully satisfy any need.
Modular solutions with a strong personality designed to add a decorative touch to any room by defining the space. Open, suspended, double-sided bookcases, completely in wood or a mix of wood and iron, circular. There are many possible alternatives to choose from.

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  1. Step library
  2. Byblos library
  3. Samy Library
  4. Emma Library
  5. Libra Library
  6. Trapezio Library
  7. Twin Library
  8. Innesto Library
  9. Spread shelf
  10. Kepler Library
  11. Freebook Library
  12. Plaza library
  13. Gil library
  14. Potter library
  15. Aspen library
  16. Raffaello library
  17. Sciabola library
  18. Ciuffo library
  19. Calipso library
  20. Ellison library
  21. Marea library
  22. Cover wall
  23. Terek library
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