Aquila mirror

Bathroom design mirror with digital clock and LED backlight with 6000K white light. Rectangular mirror complete with anti-fog function with the possibility of inserting a vibrating case connected via bluetooth to the mobile devices to play music.
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Mirror with Aquila design clock with rounded corners and cold light LED backlight (6000 K). The lighting emitted by an interior decoration with respect to the perimeter, extends to the edge also radiating the profile of the glass which in turn extends it in a suffused way to the surrounding environment. The LED light can be managed via an infrared switch that also allows the intensity adjustment. Rectangular mirror with 5 mm thick glass with protective PVC film that prevents splintering in case of breakage.

Backlit bathroom mirror measurements:

  • L. 60 H. 80 P. 4 cm (vertical only with digital clock)
  • 70 x 95 P. 4 cm
  • 70 x 120 P. 4 cm

Modern mirror available in several sizes that can be fixed both in vertical and horizontal position. The size L. 60 H. 80 cm can only be installed in a vertical position as it is the only complete digital clock.

Anti-fog mirror with internal resistance which, by means of an on / off switch on the side of the structure, allows the switching on and off, preventing the vapor from obscuring the reflecting surface. On request, the mirror can be equipped with a blue-vibe System that allows the transfer of music data from a mobile phone or tablet connected via bluetooth. The mirror is equipped with a vibrating case inserted inside the structure that emits high-fidelity sounds.

NB For a correct operation of the infrared switch it is advisable to install the mirror at a minimum distance of 15 cm from any furniture or walls.

Technical features:

  • easy installation
  • high performance LED light combined with very low power consumption
  • connection to the 220 V electrical network
  • certification CE
  • IP44 degree of protection
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