Gemini mirror

Vertical mirror with an innovative design given by the digital clock, backlighting on the sides with LED light and an anti-fog function. Multimedia mirror that can be equipped with a music box that connects to mobile devices via bluetooth.
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Gemini mirror with backlit clock refined and elegant thanks to the illuminated side bands that color the room softly. The high power led lighting (with 6000K cold light) is amplified thanks to a reflective film that radiates the surrounding environment.

Vertical mirror with digital clock with white digits integrated in the lower part of the mirror and with illuminated touch switch for switching the LEDs on and off and the anti-fog function. Thanks to a heating core inserted inside the mirror, the steam does not settle on the surface of the glass, maintaining a clear reflection even after leaving the shower.

Design anti-fog mirror measures:

  • L. 30 H. 90 P. 5.5 cm
  • L. 50 H. 90 P. 5.5 cm

Bathroom mirror with 5 mm thick glass reinforced with PVC safety film to prevent crumbling in case of breakage.

Gemini is a technological mirror, as it is possible to equip it with the Blue-Vibe System for music reproduction. This vibrating casing inserted inside the structure connects via mobile phone to the cellphone or tablet, reproducing the sound with high fidelity.

Technical features:

  • easy installation
  • high performance LED light combined with very low power consumption
  • connection to the 220 V electrical network
  • certification CE
  • IP44 degree of protection
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