Cancio wash basin

Laundry sink cabinet with washing machine door complete with deep methacrylate basin with siphon and pine board.
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Vanity unit with Cancio washing machine door, equipped with deep basin and siphon. Designed to be practical and functional, this piece of furniture discreetly combines elements of furniture and practicality.
The dimensions make it suitable for any space, while its structure characterizes it allowing it to transform the environment around the washing machine in a simple way and clean, creating a comfortable laundry area.

Cancio is proposed with neutral lines and colors, but it is completely customizable to adapt to any environment, managing to go unnoticed or becoming the focal point of the room.
With its square and clear lines, this piece of furniture conveys a sense of truly reassuring stability; the deep basin - available in two models - is made of methacrylate and can be oriented to the right or left as needed. Equipped with a pine wood board, Cancio can be customized with one or two doors in full respect of its personality.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 110 - 124 cm

↗︎ Depth: 60 cm

↕︎ Height: 92 cm

Advantages :

✔ compact size washing machine sink
✔ deep basin
✔ customizable number of doors
✔ practical and functional style
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