Charm bed

Double or single bed, available in the version with container with rounded headboard in the corners, for a soft design. Modern upholstered bed covered in fabric or leather available in various colors.
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Charm container bed , comfortable and padded with rounded headboard and visible stitching for a design effect. Upholstered bed upholstered in completely removable fabric or in eco-leather and partially removable leather in various colors, with the option to have the mechanism to raise.

Modern bed sizes:

  • 1 and a half square: L. 148 P. 220/230 H. 98 cm (for mattress 120x190 / 200 cm)
  • double: L. 188 P. 220/230 H. 98 cm (for mattress 160x190 / 200 cm)
  • king size: L. 208 P. 220/230 H. 98 cm (for mattress 180x190 / 200 cm)

NB mattress not included.

The bed is complete with a net and is designed to have 3 types of optional upright mechanism:

  • Pivot : vertical opening system
  • Rise : double lift opening system
  • Logical : double lift opening system with slow closing
The container bottom is supplied only with the raising mechanism, obtaining a useful internal height of the container compartment of H. 19 cm.

Bed complete with H. 6 or H. 10 cm wooden feet in black, white or gray.

Technical Features


made of seasoned wood and class E1 agglomerate, completely padded.


made of non-deformable polyurethane foam (bed frame density 30 kg / mc and headboard density 25 kg / mc) covered in resinate 300 g and interlaced velvet.

Anatomical supports:

made of steel tube painted with epoxy powders in gray color. Orthopedic top with 13/14 curved beech plywood slats inserted using special silencing sheaths.


made of steel painted with epoxy powders in gray color, with gas spring movement.

Container bottom:

in gray agglomerated agglomerated wood, with dust seal edge and positioning handles.

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