Domix bath

Modern suspended bathroom cabinet with a countertop sink, base with drawers and large wall units that give an original shape to the composition. Customizable bathroom furniture, complete with mirror and lamp.
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Modern and spacious Domix bathroom furniture thanks to the drawers and the top for storing objects in the raised base. Modern bathroom customizable in various colors both of the cabinet and the glass sink and the top.

Suspended bathroom measures: L. 210 P. 50 H. 200 cm

Bathroom furniture composition:

  • 2-drawer wall-mounted washbasin stand L. 100 P. 51 H. 48 cm
  • Base suspended 3 drawers L. 35 P. 51 H. 72 cm
  • Wall cabinet 1 door L. 30 P. 20 H. 120 cm
  • Wall cabinet 1 door L. 30 P. 20 H. 90 cm
  • Wall cabinet 1 door L. 90 P. 20 H. 30 cm
  • Sink
  • Mirror 30 x 120 cm with socket and switches
  • LED spotlight
  • Glass top L. 140 P. 50.5 Sp. 1.5 cm

ATT. mixer not included

Technical Features


made with 18 mm water-repellent chipboard panels, finished internally in white finish and externally with the chosen finish.


made with gray painted metal sides with retractable telescopic guides with slow closing.


made with 18 mm water-repellent chipboard panels finished internally and externally in the same finish chosen, with soft closing hinges.

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