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Furnishing project on a 2D floor plan with furniture and dimensions design accompanied by a mood of finishes evocative images of the products.
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2D design service with the application of evocative images of the products and a mood of the application finishes. 2D design allows you to obtain a detailed project of a room or the entire house, with possible revision of the internal partitions. Starting from the house plans, we can plan the arrangement of the furnishings, building together the correct arrangement of the furnishings according to your needs.

This service is aimed at both those who want to renovate their house or apartment and those who intend to build a new home. Thanks to the assistance of an architect, a plan with a top view is developed with the design of the dimensions of the furnishings in order to have an overall and detailed idea of the spaces. Subsequently, representative images of the products with which it is possible to create the proposed furniture are proposed, also indicating a series of finishes and colors to be maintained for a coordinated and thought-out environment. All this is accompanied by a drafting of a well-defined estimate of the furniture in the dimensions and finishes indicated.

This service is very useful for those who are buying a house, especially if you have the possibility to decide and modify the tracks for the plumbing and electrical connections. With this design it is possible to adapt the connections according to the furniture distribution designed for your comfort.

Stages of furniture design:

  • Contact (telephone, email, video call) to acquire the information necessary for the design
  • Project elaboration, sending of floor plans with representative images of the products and finishes
  • Indication of budget for furniture expenditure
  • New contact for considerations and changes

2 total variants are included in the price of the project. Should a further project be desired, it should be considered as a new assignment.

Approximate project delivery time: 7 working days.

Advantages :

✔ Preview of the furniture arrangement for a complete view
✔ Choice of materials and finishes to apply to the desired furniture
✔ Assistance of an interior design for any clarification
✔ Evocative images of the furnishings for a complete idea of the concept


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