Cookie ottoman

Pouf for children, available in two different, funny depictions of little animals: ladybug and penguin. Removable round pouf also ideal for a children's bedroom.
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Cookie children's pouf, soft and cuddly, ideal for a children's bedroom in the moment of leisure or relaxation. Removable pouf available in two nice depictions of small animals with a round shape: ladybug and penguin.

Soft pouf made with an extremely elastic and resistant synthetic microfiber that allows the pouf to stretch in all directions while maintaining a uniform consistency.

Ottoman measures for children: Ø 70 cm

Technical Features


light thanks to the filling of small polystyrene pellets, a non-toxic, impermeable and inert material


made of Spandex Du Pont, a synthetic microfibre with a high capacity of containment. This hygienic material, light and resistant to abrasion has the property of stretching up to 500% of its original length without breaking, it has no static electricity problems, it does not make "dots" and it is resistant to oils, detergents and lotions.


the pouf is composed of two parts, a lining and a core. The inner part covered by the lining is the core which can be washed with a simple sponge. The cover instead is removable and washable by hand or in the washing machine

Lavaggio pouf

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