Shower stall 1000-19

Corner shower enclosure with sliding door in tempered glass available in various finishes. Design shower enclosure with magnetic closure and with minimal aluminum profiles in chrome finish.
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Corner shower enclosure 1000-19 with fixed side and sliding door, ideal for recovering space in a small bathroom. Glass door that runs on ball bearings with minimal lower containment profile in aluminum in chrome finish. Shower cabin with an elegant and light design with magnetic closure door and with handles in aluminum in mirror chrome finish.

Glass shower enclosures:

  • Fixed side: from L. 65 to L. 80 cm
  • Door side: from L. 65 to L. 160 cm

Corner shower enclosure with sliding door H. 195 cm customizable in the choice of the crystals that can be in: transparent glass, satin glass, smoked glass, stop sol glass and cloud glass (satin-finished in the middle until it becomes transparent in the upper and lower ends).


made of 6 mm thick tempered glass. The tempering is carried out by bringing the panel to a temperature of 700 ° C and then cooled down abruptly with jets of cold air. This process, identical to that used for the manufacture of automobile glass, makes these panels extremely elastic and resistant to impact. In the rare cases of breakage the panel will crumble into tiny, non-cutting fragments.

How to take measurements:

it is recommended to take measurements after laying the cladding, starting from the cladding to the outer edge of the shower tray. Therefore, check that there are no accessories on the wall where the shower cubicle will be fixed. In the presence of Greek or bullnose in the lining, indicate the height of the same.


Quality product with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certificate

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