Dresden mattress

Single mattress with independent mini-springs, soft bearing with 7 differentiated zones. It has two overlapping springs, which make it anatomical and welcoming.
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The Dresden independent mini-spring mattress has two overlapping springs with a wire diameter of 1.80 mm. The mattress has an independent mini-spring system , with 7 differentiated lift zones , designed for those who want a soft support. The double insert in physio-tech with differentiated zones, with over 1000 massage points on the two surfaces guarantees unparalleled comfort.

Removable soft-shaped anatomical mattress with box height of 27 cm.

Single mattress measures:

  • L. 80 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm
  • L. 85 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm
  • L. 90 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm

Mattress size 1 and a half square:

  • L. 120 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm

French mattress measures:

  • L. 140 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm

Double mattress measures:

  • L. 160 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm

Maxi double mattress measures:

  • L. 180 P. 190/195/200 H. 30 cm

The mattress can be lined with different qualities and materials:

  • Silver clima aloe : innovative lining with silver threads, to limit electrostatic charges. Particular fiber that distributes body heat evenly over the entire surface of the mattress; the treatment with aloe vera offers a velvety and natural caress to the body. Zipper on 4 sides and worked perspiration band.
  • Cashmere : delicate and refined, with a cashmere fabric combined with bamboo and cashmere padding. Deep quilting at the end, with zipper on 4 sides and a transpiration band with comfortable handles for positioning.
  • Bamboo : with natural, soft and comfortable bamboo fiber fabric; bamboo contains pectin, with emollient, regenerating and nourishing properties. Lining with zipper on 4 sides and worked perspiration band with comfortable handles for positioning.
  • Anallergic : hypoallergenic lining with SANITIZED antibacterial treatment. Soft and breathable fabric, with a beautiful feeling of comfort. Zipper on all 4 sides and transpiration band with comfortable handles for positioning.
All covers can be machine washed at 60 ° C.

Technical Features

The independent double mini spring system superimposed and divided by a three-dimensional fabric guarantees a well-being with regard to sleep and at the same time maximum aeration to create the ideal microclimate and proof of mold and mites. The particular perforated perimeter boxing, made with materials with high lift and rigidity, guarantees the solidity of the mattress.


  • Fodera silver clima aloe Silver climate aloe : this lining is the result of the union between aloe vera, silver fibers and a particular thermo-climate treatment. Millions of microspheres absorb and release body heat, eliminating temperature fluctuations while maintaining a constant microclimate inside the bed for a continuous and comfortable sleep even for those suffering from strong night sweats. The treatment of the fabric with ALOE VERA consists in the application of millions of tiny microcapsules, containing the essence of aloe vera, which on contact with the body and with movements of the same break and release the beneficial substances contained in them, affecting in a positive way sleep, awakening, attention and the capacity of memory. Silver, added to the textile yarn, allows instant dissipation of annoying electrostatic charges, regularizes body temperature and reduces the multiplication of mites to disappearance because silver binds with microbe cells and inhibits their multiplication until it disappears, making the fabric antimicrobial. The padding in this case is made of non-shrink treated bamboo and the whole is finished with deep quilting. Zipper on 4 sides and worked perspiration band. Machine washable at 60 ° C
  • Fodera cachemire Cashmere :   it is the most precious, soft and sensual fiber that can be obtained in nature, obtained from goat's wool. The fabric is made from a combination of 100% natural cashmere wool, soft and comfortable, pleasant to the touch, with other yarns and has been created to offer you an incredibly comfortable rest in a warm and soft embrace. Incredibly soft, soft and light, the cashmere fabric lends itself perfectly to the creation of mattress covers. The heavy-weight fabric is quilted on the summer side in fresh bamboo and with cashmere wool selected on the winter side, both machine washable. Deep quilting to complete, with zipper on 4 sides and worked perspiration band with comfortable handles for positioning. Machine washable at 60 ° C
  • Fodera Bamboo Bamboo : made of natural bamboo fiber fabric, extraordinarily soft and comfortable. The bamboo fiber used for this fabric is obtained from a particular plant that grows in mountainous areas. The bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable and in nature is hollow inside and therefore gives excellent breathability and disperses excess heat, allowing a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Bamboo fiber contains honey pectin with emollient, regenerating and nourishing properties for skin cells. Besides being an anti-odor and a natural anti-mold. The fresh bamboo padding on both sides with a deep quilting completes this lining with zipper on 4 sides and a transpiration wrap with comfortable positioning handles. Machine washable at 60 ° C
  • Fodera anallergica Anallergic : lining made of soft and comfortable breathable and hypoallergenic fabric. In contact with the skin, its porous micro-fibrillated structure ensures breathability and a feeling of comfort even in the most unfavorable weather conditions. The fabric is hygienic, does not allow fungi and bacteria to develop inside its fibers, resistant and long-lasting as its structure is orthogonal wires (wefts and warp) and safe in case of fire. These particular qualities are obtained thanks to the SANITIZED treatment, a prevention system against the development of germs that prevents the formation of bad odors and prolongs the life of the tissues over time. The sanitized treatment is not an insecticide but it blocks the proliferation of fungi and bacteria preventing germs from drawing nourishment from the tissues. With zipper on 4 sides and worked perspiration band with comfortable handles for positioning. Machine washable at 60 ° C

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