Ottoman Living Room Poufs

The pouf, an original piece of furniture for a conscious purchase

Innovative, versatile and designed to meet a varied range of needs, the pouf is a remarkable furnishing alternative, capable of enriching the style within the home environment and of combining sobriety and functionality in a single solution. Placed in any area of ​​the house (even if the living room is one of its places par excellence), it gives an important touch of originality. The poufs in the catalog are many and different from each other: square, circular, rectangular, with container... but above all in eco-leather, leather and fabric.

You can consciously buy an ottoman that is more in line with your expectations, making a targeted choice based on your personal tastes. On our catalog you will find compact and practical poufs for all budgets and ready to adapt to a multitude of contexts. Each product is accompanied by a technical data sheet, where you are given a broad overview of the goods you decide to put in the cart, just before buying them even through the e-commerce platform.

Style, sobriety and maximum practicality

If you love to furnish your home by enriching the rooms with original and authentic details, TopArredi gives you a hand: a team of experts is ready to meet your requests and to guide you towards a choice oriented towards the satisfaction of your needs.
The poufs are made in Italy, with a resistant and compact structure and are covered with a high quality fabric.

Since these furnishing accessories can be arranged inside different rooms of the living environment, you can buy a modern pouf that best reflects the style you have attributed to the rest of the furniture.
If arranged correctly in the living room, and why not, in the bedroom, kitchen, etc. they can be very practical when needed, as well as making the home environment warm and welcoming.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Pouf Mooving
  2. Flow pouf
  3. Micar ottoman
  4. Avici ottoman
  5. Berenice ottoman
  6. Bobino pouf
  7. Gustav pouf
  8. Milet pouf
  9. Flany ottoman
  10. Zany ottoman
  11. Pluny ottoman
  12. Colly ottoman
  13. Lolly pouf
Set Descending Direction