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For those who love an innovative, fun and colorful décor, poufs can be a good alternative to the usual conventional armchairs. The choice of poufs to choose from is really wide, both in color, type and shape.

Ottoman are not just functional but they are also design elements; their colors and their extravagant shapes help to make your home unique, adding a fun and original touch to furnishings. A design pouf can be perfect in a modern environment.

The variety of products to choose from is extensive, just need some fantasy and know how to match design elements to your home. Poufs can be placed anywhere in the home, from the living room to the bedroom. Some of these poufs are especially suited to furnishing children's bedrooms, thanks to their brilliant and bright colors.

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  1. Micar ottoman
  2. Avici ottoman
  3. Berenice ottoman
  4. Mistry ottoman
  5. Bobino ottoman
  6. Gustav ottoman
  7. Milet ottoman
  8. Flany ottoman
  9. Zany ottoman
  10. Pluny ottoman
  11. Colly ottoman
  12. Lolly ottoman
  13. Ball ottoman
  14. Wasit ottoman
Grid List

15 Items

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