Linear Sofas

The sofas with two, three or more seats are elements of the furniture essential to make a welcoming lounge. Real stars of the environment, they are perfect to define the style of the room and create the zones reserved to relax or chat with friends and family.

The linear sofas with their modern lines are an ideal solution to personalize the living area and create an harmonious atmosphere. Available in leather or fabric, linear sofas are made with quality materials and are equipped with systems designed to accommodate the body ergonomically.

The advantages of linear sofas can be found in their versatility that makes them perfect for large or small environments. In fact, one or two linear sofas with three or more seats are perfect to furnish large lounges, especially if they are placed in the center of the room and are complemented by a table or carpet. In smaller rooms positioned next to the wall they can enhance it and create a modern relax area.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Flow Comfort sofa
  2. Flow Best sofa
  3. Flow Double sofa
  4. Flow Glide sofa
  5. Flow Mono sofa
  6. Clint sofa
  7. Niloc sofa
  8. Sugre sofa
  9. Lous sofa
  10. Taki sofa
  11. Tash sofa
  12. Stripe sofa
  13. Limpid sofa
  14. Sunrise sofa
  15. Armonia sofa
  16. Viennetta sofa
  17. Solero sofa
  18. Magnum sofa
  19. Doggy sofa
  20. Fancy sofa
  21. Droll sofa
  22. Pluffy sofa
  23. Dumon sofa
  24. Tomos sofa
Set Descending Direction
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