Modern Linear Sofas Made in Italy

Choose from numerous models of linear sofas

Among the various sofa models, the linear one is certainly one of the best known, it represents a truly diversified and vast category, with different shapes and sizes. Linear sofas have now conquered an important position in any living room at home, whether placed in the center of a room, or against one of the walls. Different styles and types therefore offer unique choices and combinations, capable of adapting to any environment.

As for the shape, truly particular linear sofas can be chosen, since also in this aspect there are numerous possible models: there are those characterized by soft, delicate and voluminous lines; others, on the other hand, are created with more rigid and compact shapes, with decidedly more squared corners. Some models offer original and creative solutions, following modern styles and decorations, but without sacrificing elegance, however, there are still numerous models of linear sofas with essential and minimal lines.

Linear sofas of all sizes

The numerous models of linear sofas range from the most classic, with at least two seats, to the larger one, designed and created with a greater length, thus able to ensure more seats. These are furnishing accessories that know how to go beyond simple functionality, coming to surprise and amaze with the harmony of their shapes and the beauty of their style.

However, the choice of a linear sofa will not be complex, since the numerous models allow it to be easily adapted both in a formal setting and in an informal setting. Comfort will be guaranteed regardless of the size of the sofa, especially thanks to some models that offer the possibility of a removable seat or an inclination adjustable backrest.

Linear sofa fabrics offer solidity to the entire structure; moreover the coverings are made with all sorts of materials, to easily adapt to different furnishing solutions.

  1. Flow Comfort sofa
  2. Flow Best sofa
  3. Flow Double sofa
  4. Flow Glide sofa
  5. Flow Mono sofa
  6. Clint sofa
  7. Niloc sofa
  8. Sugre sofa
  9. Lous sofa
  10. Taki sofa
  11. Tash sofa
  12. Stripe sofa
  13. Limpid sofa
  14. Sunrise sofa
  15. Viennetta sofa
  16. Solero sofa
  17. Magnum sofa
  18. Doggy sofa
  19. Fancy sofa
  20. Droll sofa
  21. Pluffy sofa
  22. Tomos sofa
  23. Gary sofa
  24. Turbo sofa
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