Design Kitchen and Dining Room Chairs

The importance of chairs as a complement to any table

While it is true that carefully choosing the right table for every room in the house is a fundamental aspect, no less important is the choice of modern chairs to match.
The variety of models on the market is so vast that it is never easy to decide before making the purchase.
Surely, the first thing to do is to have a clear idea of ​​the location of the chair or chairs we want to buy: it can be the kitchen / living room, it can be the living area, the children's bedroom, the study, etc.
It is essential that the table and chairs, once placed together, form a harmonious whole with a great visual impact, and that in addition to being comfortable with each other, they are in tune with the rest of the home furnishings: an important thing to take into account is the height of the table. The chairs that will be next to us should have a lower seat of at least 30 cm.

Beautiful chairs but also comfortable

Let's not forget, however, that the chairs, in addition to being beautiful, must also be comfortable and functional. The choice depends, however, on the use for which they are intended: there may be chairs to be placed next to the dining table, or chairs on which to spend many hours working, etc. For this reason, there are many different models, from the simplest up to the more elaborate ones: upholstered, ergonomic chairs with armrests, with adjustable seat in height, swivel, etc.
The materials can be extremely different, especially depending on the chosen style: a lot of wood for the more classic lines, plastic, metal and other innovative materials for the more modern and dynamic styles.

  1. Boss chair
  2. Tai chair
  3. Sveva chair
  4. Suri chair
  5. Sedia Seventy
  6. Queen chair
  7. Polo chair
  8. Nata chair
  9. Mood chair
  10. Margot chair
  11. Kelly chair
  12. Kate chair
  13. Drop chair
  14. Dada chair
  15. Shape chair
  16. Penelope chair
  17. Alfa Chair
  18. Lilium armchair
  19. Carol armchair
  20. Chicco armchair
  21. Arisa armchair
  22. Zenda chair
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