Natural table

Traditional wooden table where simplicity acts as a design; suitable for any environment: kitchen and living room. Table available in veneered wood or open pore RAL lacquer, both extendable and fixed in various sizes.
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Traditional Natural wooden table that matches with any chair and in any environment. Table with a classic design , available in veneered or open-pore RAL matt lacquer. Fixed or extendable table to be placed in the kitchen or in a large dining room in the living room where guests can sit. The extension hidden under the top is shaped for a perfect joint between the top and the square section legs once the table has been lengthened.

Fixed table measures:

  • 90x140 H. 76 cm (seating for 6)
  • 90x160 H. 76 cm (seating for 6)
  • 90x180 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x200 H. 76 cm (8 seats)
  • 100x220 H. 76 cm (8 seats)

Extendable table measures:

  • 90x140 / 190 H. 76 cm (6/8 seats)
  • 90x160 / 210 H. 76 cm (6/8 seats)
  • 100x180 / 245 H. 76 cm (8/10 seats)
  • 100x200 / 265 H. 76 cm (8/10 seats)
  • 100x220 / 285 H. 76 cm (8/12 seats)

Seats expressed are indicative and represent the maximum number available, which depend on the width of the chairs.

Technical Features

Structure - floor:

made with panels of oak veneered wood particles. Finishing in antique fir, the structure is made of solid wood while the top is veneered, all finished in beeswax.

Lengthening mechanism:

sliding the die plate of Teflon pulleys anchored to angles in structural steel.

Stretching mechanism for 90x160-260 cm tables and 100x180-280 cm:

sliding the die plate of Teflon pulleys anchored to angles in structural steel with multiple opening.

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