Modern Bathroom Mirrors

The importance of the mirror in a bathroom

The choice of the bathroom mirror is never easy. Finding the right one that meets our needs is often a challenge. For this reason, in our online store we offer you a wide collection of mirrors with the most varied shapes and sizes, in an attempt to make you meet the one that makes you fall in love and that fits perfectly into your bathroom furnishings.

The mirror is an element that gives an extra touch of class and style to the bathroom, in addition to the fact that it is also an extremely useful object.
A mirror chosen with care, well positioned and combined with the rest of the furniture is able to enhance the tiles, the furniture itself and can also make the room seem larger and brighter.

In our catalog you will find both square and elliptical mirrors, mirrors with LED lighting or with shelves to increase their functionality.

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes and related lighting

The choice of the shape and size of the mirror does not follow a precise logic, we proceed according to your tastes, your needs and, undoubtedly, according to the style of the bathroom in which it must be positioned. However, some advice may be useful.

It might seem a paradox, but in reality a rule that almost always applies is the one that suggests placing a rather large mirror in a small bathroom: it will make it look much larger, airy.

On TopArredi you can find square, rectangular, round, elliptical or even irregularly shaped mirrors, some also equipped with integrated shelves.

Very important, to enhance the mirrors and, in general, the whole bathroom, is the choice of the lighting system: usually you can opt for external lamps or you can choose integrated lights. Very current and appreciated is the LED lighting, of great effect and excellent in terms of energy saving.

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