Hallway Mirrors

Hallway mirrors are ideal for furnishing your environments. Thanks to the mirrors you can create the illusion of more space and comfort, making your entrance more welcoming. They will therefore be aesthetically pleasing and decorative but also extremely functional.

The wide availability of mirrors for sale on our site will ensure that you will find the one that best suits your furnishings. A wide variety of styles, colors and shapes, which will make your home entrance unique. There are simple mirrors, framed mirrors, decorated mirrors, glass mirrors, modern style mirrors, as well as classic mirrors.

Mirrors for the hallway are elements of furnishing that will give elegance to your entrance, thanks to the high design lines. Objects that incorporates functionality and personality, produced with the highest quality materials and durable in time.

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  1. Bolero mirror
  2. Melodie 1 mirror
  3. Pongo mirror
  4. Fano mirror
  5. Zava mirror
  6. Liam mirror
  7. Michela mirror
  8. Alus mirror
  9. Square mirror
  10. Illusion mirror
  11. Eidos mirror
  12. Double mirror
  13. Break mirror
  14. Eliot mirror
  15. Riflesso mirror
  16. Glam mirror
  17. Flat mirror
    Out of Stock
    Flat mirror
  18. Diva mirror
    Out of Stock
    Diva mirror
  19. Vela mirror
    Out of Stock
    Vela mirror
  20. Curvo mirror
    Out of Stock
    Curvo mirror
  21. Ingram mirror
  22. Hobbit mirror
  23. Oswin mirror
  24. Luxi mirror
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