Complete Children's Bedrooms

One bedroom, a thousand uses

In their own bedroom, each child builds their own world. Here he finds his private space in which to sleep, of course, but also to play, alone or with friends, relax and devote himself to his school commitments.
This is why it is important that there is plenty of space available in every bedroom, with tailor-made solutions even for the smallest rooms, so that each environment can still guarantee the right freedom of movement for each of its occupants.

Our bedrooms: innovation and comfort

Our proposals are all child-friendly, combining a careful search for innovative solutions with excellent construction materials, without forgetting the importance of functionality and aesthetic beauty: they are handcrafted in solid wood declinable in many colors, all trendy.

It is possible to choose between single bedrooms (with additional foldaway bed) or with double bed. In both solutions there are also large spaces for storing clothes (both classic wardrobes with doors and exposed hangers) and a large shaped desk, single or double, but always on the wall to further optimize the available space. All our bedrooms are cared for in shapes, colors and in the smallest details to satisfy the tastes of the little ones without disappointing the needs of mum and dad. The beds, for example, are equipped with comfortable and very spacious space-saving drawers, useful for storing, for example, toys or spare linens.

The environments are customizable and can be made to measure, so as to be perfectly adaptable to any size, without sacrificing the quality of materials and finishes, thanks to the all-Italian workmanship, and guaranteeing your children all the space they deserve, with innovative solutions and always at the forefront. Our bedrooms grow with your children, and are an excellent investment for the future because, with a few simple tricks, they can become the perfect bedrooms for children and teenagers.

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