Modern Single, Double and King Size Beds

The bed: the soul of our bedroom

The beds represent the beating heart of our bedroom, they are the element from which the development of the whole room starts and they are the undisputed protagonists. Very often we don't give too much importance to choosing a bed that is worthy of the name, not thinking that the bedroom is the room in which we spend the most time.
In fact, the choice of a bed that perfectly suits our tastes and needs is essential to give a style to the entire room, and to create our environment making it pleasant and relaxing.

In a bedroom there is no need for many to have a lot of furniture, you just need a nice design bed and Made in Italy.
Whether they are single or double, you will find a wide range of design beds, which cannot fail to become the undisputed protagonists of your room, making it a warm and relaxing environment. The modern beds we propose are able to combine a high level of design, with very refined lines and shapes, with an elegance that allows them to be placed in the bedroom, in order to adapt to the needs of the whole family. All this without giving up anything in terms of practicality, one of the fundamental points that a bed cannot do without.

Design beds, one for every need

The design beds that we offer in our shop are made directly in Italy by companies with decades of experience in the sector and are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Furthermore, according to our philosophy, a design bed must adapt to any type of taste, environment and need, without having limits of adaptation.
It is precisely for this reason that we offer our customers modern and colorful beds, which do not stop at standard colors, and with combinations of different materials.
This is to ensure that they can adapt to the needs of all family members, from the largest to the smallest, making it possible to customize the bedroom with a totally unique, original and practical style.

  1. Royal bed
  2. Clip bed
  3. Chloe Luxury bed
  4. Ada bed
  5. Claire bed
  6. Sound bed
  7. Papilo bed
  8. Nathan bed
  9. Monolith bed
  10. Kim bed
  11. Kanaha bed
  12. Flann 2.0 bed
  13. Bend bed
  14. Aris bed
  15. Alar bed
  16. Fabal 3.0 bed
  17. Fabal 2.0 bed
  18. Fabal bed
  19. Lorena bed
  20. Greta bed
  21. Mauri bed
  22. Veronica bed
  23. Fabio bed
  24. Laura bed
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