General conditions of sale

Last update: 07/18/2019



The following commercial conditions govern the purchase of products on the website.

This is a distance contract pursuant to Article 50 and Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (consumption code).
The object of the contract is the sale of assets between the company A&D SRL - Via Parrilla, 7 - 31015 Conegliano (Treviso) - VAT number 04524990266 and the final consumer.
Please note that any purchase on our site implies automatic acceptance of all the General Sales Conditions and company procedures implemented for order processing specified in the pages Production Times, Shipping and Pick-ups, Home Delivery, Goods Receipt Procedure and Assembly Instructions.

The General Conditions may be modified and are operational as of their publication on the site and are not retroactive and therefore do not apply to contracts previously stipulated.


It is possible to conclude a purchase contract with A&D SRL in different ways:

  1. By filling out the order form on yourself
  2. Requesting by e-mail or telephone the completion of the order form on by an operator.
  3. Sending a request by email or message
  4. Going to our operational headquarters

For orders placed by email or with the assistance of an operator, it is the Customer's responsibility to carefully verify that the data entered on the order form is correct. In particular, it is necessary to verify that the personal data indicated are correct and that the configuration of the product is the one desired and corresponding to one's housing needs. Customer service is available for further information.

The purchase contract is concluded at the time of full or partial payment of the order form.
With the conclusion of the contract, the Customer undertakes to observe all the General Conditions of Sale present here and to view the instructions on the pages Production Times, Shipping and Pick-ups, Home Delivery, Goods Receipt Procedure and Assembly Instructions.

The online sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier is considered concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law.

In the unlikely event that the ordered item is no longer available, the staff will immediately contact the Customer to propose an alternative solution or proceed immediately with the reimbursement of the amount already anticipated. In the case of supplies consisting of more than one product, the non-availability of an item is a prerequisite for reimbursement of the amount paid for the portion relating to the item not available; obviously we consider of case in case the possible complementarity between the single articles (chairs matched to the table, bedside tables combined with the bed,...)

If the terms reported on the General Conditions of Sale or the information on the pages are not shared by the Customer, we invite you not to place the order and to contact Customer Service for any clarification.


Any changes to orders placed are guaranteed until the purchased items are put into production; production starts immediately after payment or payment of the deposit.

Orders already processed for production and logistics (with related information already sent to factories and partner couriers), subsequent requests for order modification (both for the content of the supply and for the shipping method) must necessarily be authorized in basis of the progress of the order.

The invoicing data entered at the time of the order can only be modified until the invoice is issued. The data for the shipment entered at the time of the order can be modified only up to the issue of the transport document. Otherwise, the Customer will be charged for the cost of shipping to the new delivery address. It is also possible to change the shipping method before issuing the transport document.

Total or partial refunds are made with the same type of payment chosen at the time of the order (Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer). The currency used for repayment is always the Euro (also in the case of transactions in different currencies).


To initiate the shipping procedure requires the availability to receive the supply. The shipment must always be authorized within 15 days of receipt through the specific form sent by email; in case of non-acknowledgment or communication of delayed availability, any costs of storage and / or redelivery will be charged to the Customer. Orders with Withdrawal in Warehouse must be picked up within 30 days from receipt of the product availability notice.

Delivery of the supply is initiated only by order and carried out by couriers specializing in the shipment of furniture and furnishings with telephone notice. Telephone notice normally takes place the day before delivery, indicating the time slot (morning or afternoon) and the day (Monday to Friday). Delivery by appointment is not intended: the availability of the Customer is certainly considered but compatible with the delivery plans.

The standard shipping service is to be understood as being delivered to the street level (on the ground floor, at the point closest to the entrance of the house which can be reached by trucks of a length of 12 meters) and the Customer must work with the driver for unload the packages from the side of the vehicle, sometimes making other people available depending on the size and weight of the item purchased. Further details on the Shipping page.
The home delivery service it is carried out only in Italy with a supplement of price that varies according to the volume of the product. It is the Customer's responsibility to verify the feasibility of delivering to the parcel floor by checking the transit areas. For more information, we recommend viewing the Home Delivery page.

The Customer can carry out the withdrawal in the warehouse directly at our headquarters, even for supplies with final destination outside the European Union. In the event of collection with destination outside the European Union will refund the total amount of VAT upon receipt of export documents.


Standard shipping in Italy is free, while for all other countries there is an additional cost visible in the cart that depends on the volume of each item.
In some circumstances, when the destination address is inaccessible for a truck 12 meters long, a cost adjustment will be required for the use of the most appropriate means to make the delivery.
In the event that the Customer confirms the delivery date communicated by the courier and on the same date the Customer is not available to receive the goods, will request the cost for storage costs and any return.
Additional cost supplements are indicated on the Shipping pagesand Home Delivery that we recommend taking into consideration.


The production times and the delivery date declared in each product sheet must be interpreted as forecasts based on the statistics of previous orders for the same type of product. In most cases production times vary between 2 and 8 weeks, while delivery times can range from 7 to 30 days depending on the destination country.

In consideration of the nature of the "goods to be packaged or purchased especially for the Customer" (nature that characterizes ALL the goods for sale on a "supplementary term appropriate to the circumstances" is foreseen by the law within which a possible production delay it is considered "reasonable with respect to the circumstances". undertakes to carry out the delivery of the goods within 30 days from the agreed deadline with the Customer and deriving from the sum of the production times with the shipping times declared on the portal and viewable before the purchase: after this time the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty and will re-credit the amount previously paid by the Customer (for orders including multiple products that are not complementary or belong to different collections, the Customer can withdraw from the purchase of only products that are delayed). The Customer Service regularly updates the Customer on the progress of the order: operates constantly in order to respect the punctuality of the indicated times, trying instead to anticipate them; we invite you to check the product data sheets and the Shipping and Pick-ups page for information on average availability times and to contact Customer Service before purchase if delivery times are decisive for the purchase decision.

Finally, we would like to point out that deliveries scheduled in periods prior to Christmas or summer holidays could suffer substantial delays due to the contingency of the period (even a minimum unforeseen delay before a closing period such as Christmas holidays or the closing of August can cause the postponement of delivery to the reopening of January and September).


This point illustrates the methods of assistance to the Customer on the day of delivery and in the days immediately following: the procedures described here are not intended in any way to limit the warranty rights granted to the Consumer by the consumer code, but only to create a common base to offer to every customer the best assistance possible. In the event of any disputes, the Consumer can take advantage of the UE Odr Regulation platform.

In the interest of the Customer, should any kind of problem arise regarding the products supplied, the Customer Service operates constantly for the correct attribution of responsibility to the various players in the supply chain that leads from the production of the good in the factory to the actual use of the good by the consumer; these "actors" are the producer of the good, A&D SRL as a seller, the transporter appointed by A&D SRL (and of which A&D SRL is liable eventually claiming on the insurance for transport damages), and the Customer who receives the supply, performs floor movement and assembly (possibly delegating these phases to third parties). When the supply is unloaded at the delivery address, during assembly, and in the moments immediately following the conclusion of the assembly itself, the Customer is required to follow at each stage of the Goods Receipt Procedure: in this way the Customer can receive from our Customer Service the best possible assistance and be completely protected, both from any production defects or from transport damages (both cases "not frequent" but certainly "not impossible").

If a Customer does not follow the points indicated in the Procedure, it may occur that it is impossible to assign a specific responsibility to the "actors" above in relation to the problem encountered. In some cases, it may therefore be necessary to involve the Customer in any replacement costs; in these cases operates however for the satisfaction of the Customer reserving however a specific evaluation from case to case. In practice, this procedure serves to confirm to the Customer Service that any problems encountered were not caused by the Customer himself (or by persons delegated by him): every procedure expressed here serves precisely to effectively protect our Customers.

Any replacement of defective or damaged items in the transport (or of parts of articles when the anomaly only concerns the components) requires times just below or even equal to those of production as it is almost always products made to order and follows the same delivery methods indicated in the order. The replacement procedure is initiated upon receipt of the photographic documentation produced by the Customer, which must reach us in the immediate period following delivery. However, operates with the utmost speed in order to reduce waiting times.

In the verification and analysis of any "finishing anomalies" there is the concept of "reasonable tolerance": this is a sector practice typical of highly customized goods and products made to order, and is intended as a threshold within which some finishing anomalies can be considered "tolerable", and are therefore not considered "defects" (and therefore do not provide for the free replacement of the good or interested party). A finishing anomaly is considered to fall within the concept of "reasonable tolerance" only when:

  1. does not impact on the use of the good;
  2. it cannot be perceived during the normal use of the asset but only through careful analysis of the surfaces (this is normally linked to the size of the anomaly, to its position, to its coloring with respect to the contour surface, and to its possible "repetition frequency").

In the event of replacement of a product informs the Customer of the possible return of the parts to be replaced: in case of failure to request a return, it is the Customer's responsibility to dispose of the parts in question; in case of organization of the return it is the Customer's responsibility to adequately pack the parts in their original packaging to avoid damage (in this case will provide by e-mail labels to be printed and affixed to each individual item to be returned). In the event that (during the performance of the optional Delivery Services to the Plan or Assembly) any anomalies are found in the Customer's assets (furniture or buildings), and the Customer assumes that these anomalies were caused by the personnel assigned to the handling, the Customer is required to:

  1. immediately inform the operators of the anomaly found, together with their passage or at the latest in the seconds immediately following;
  2. report on the Transport Document the wording "Damage found to...", adding a brief description of the anomaly and asking for the specific acronym of acceptance by an operator present;
  3. send images of the anomaly found to Customer Service within 24 hours of delivery;
  4. send a quote to repair the anomaly within 30 days of delivery;
  5. send an invoice to repair the anomaly within 60 days of delivery.

Estimate and invoice must be made out to the Customer and issued by a company or a specialized professional; each point of this procedure can be activated only and exclusively in the case of compliance with the previous point.

Obviously every delivery operator always tries to take the greatest possible care to avoid damage to the goods delivered and to the Customer's goods, and at the same time (by carrying out an objectively hard work every day) these are rare events that can happen: following this procedure the Customer is protected from any possible anomaly; in the event of failure to comply with any of these 5 points declines all responsibility for third-party assets.


In order to provide an optimal service, operates daily to maintain its online catalog updated, perfecting the information present at any time. Despite everything, given the enormous amount of content, it is possible that inaccuracies may arise.

It is the responsibility of to work daily to always offer greater accuracy on the information provided, but it is also the Customer's responsibility to make sure of the veracity of the details that should be considered essential for the purposes of his own satisfaction and necessary to proceed with the purchase. As non-exhaustive examples, the case of purchase of goods to complete items or collections already in possession (where the Customer is required to verify the combination and color compatibility), goods with measurements just below the available space (where the Customer is required) to contact us for a dimensional inspection of the product and possibly a consultation on the criteria for taking measurements in the environment), or even the rare case of any Product Data Sheets that should report conflicting information at different points on the card itself (the Customer is required to read all the Product Sheet); in the case of Product Data Sheets that offer a "digital sample" (ie images of the finishes and colors samples) the Customer is obliged to observe the Samples carefully to evaluate how a certain "definition" in the Product Sheet regarding materials translates into aesthetic terms in the Digital Sample Book and therefore in reality. Remember that the color and texture of natural materials (wood, leather, stone,...) depend on the natural variability of processes and factors that lead to the formation of the material itself. For all suspended and wall-mounted products (shelves, wall units,...) the structural stability is strictly connected to the type of wall available and consequently to the hardware to be used. The Customer is required to check whether any plugs supplied comply with the correct fixing on the specific destination wall.

During the order verification process, the staff checks the correctness of the item prices. If, due to rare inconveniences, the price indicated is lower than the correct sale price, reserves the right to assume the difference or contact the Customer to verify if he also wishes to buy the product at the correct price (otherwise the order cannot be accepted and any amounts paid will be returned). If the price indicated is higher than the correct one, will report it to the Customer, crediting the amount already paid.

All the producers of work continuously to improve the products offered, thus reserving the right to make technical and dimensional changes without prior notification if these changes do not significantly alter the aesthetic content of the articles and their use / ergonomics; the need to provide a margin for defects and excesses regarding dimensions (article dimensions may vary according to different measurement points and partly also based on artisanal processing of the upholstery, any alleged differences "of a few centimeters" are considered in the norm of the sector). reserves the right to make changes to the names of some products or parts of them in order to respect any agreements with the producers. On some articles presented without the publication of the production mark, product labels can therefore be applied with names different from those published on these variations cannot be in any way presupposed contractual termination for "non-compliance" as the "article name" cannot be considered a fundamental element of the value offered to the consumer by the product itself.


The consumer has the right to withdraw from any distance contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days from the day of delivery to the address specified in the order.

The consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal "for non-prefabricated goods produced on the basis of a choice or individual decision of the consumer" (Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament) and for "goods made to specifications or clearly personalized" (art 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014): due to the high level of customization that characterizes our collections, and the production processes mainly carried out by our suppliers, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to the vast majority of the products in our catalog, for for more information, contact Customer Service before purchasing or before starting production.

The right of withdrawal cannot also be exercised on sealed goods that do not lend themselves to being returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection and have been opened after delivery (eg mattresses, pillows, linen,...). The right lastly, withdrawal cannot be exercised also on "non-personalized" goods in the following cases: contracts not included in the Consumer legislation (goods purchased with VAT number for professional purposes); contracts negotiated and concluded at the headquarters of A&D SRL; contracts negotiated at the headquarters of A&D SRL and concluded by placing the online order "at a distance".

The consumer is obliged to return the goods at his own expense to A&D SRL within 14 days of exercising the right of withdrawal and is responsible for the decrease in value resulting from a manipulation different from that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the good itself. If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the consumer in accordance with the provisions indicated herein, A&D SRL will reimburse the amount paid except for the additional costs that the Customer has requested.

The reimbursement takes place within 14 days from the exercise of the right of withdrawal if the consumer has complied with his obligation to return the goods within 14 days from the exercise of his right; in case of payment by bank transfer, the reimbursement occurs anyway on the working day following the moment in which A&D SRL becomes aware of the buyer's bank details.


The products are accompanied by a regular sales invoice valid for the 24-month warranty on lack of conformity, provided by A&D SRL pursuant to the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 24/02); for purchases billed to people with VAT number and companies the guarantee is 12 months.

The products must be used correctly in respect of their intended use and maintenance: the packaging must always contain a product card with indications on the matter, but in the absence of this card it is the Customer's responsibility to contact our Customer Service. operates to intervene as quickly as possible: at the same time we refer to the production and management times of our suppliers. In the event of replacement or repair of a product it is the Customer's responsibility to adequately pack the returned parts to avoid damage and bear the shipping costs for the return of the product; repair costs (materials and labor) and the costs of return to the Customer are borne by

Some advertising initiatives on the market offer unrealistic guarantee times that generate higher expectations in the consumer than the potential of certain products: instead we consider the traditional concept of guarantee that is expressed in a real protection of the consumer, on collections designed and produced for enjoy a considerably longer average life than the terms of the warranty. For Household Appliances, however, warranty service is provided directly by the manufacturer through its Customer Service, both in Italy and abroad.


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