Modern Hallway Furniture

The entrance as a business card of the house

Not all apartments have a real entrance, as perhaps it was more common in the past, but when that is present it is very important to enhance it. In a sense, it represents a bit of the business card of the whole house, and therefore making it beautiful, welcoming and functional is essential.

Even when it is not a separate entrance from everything else, in any case it is always good to have something, even just a nice shelf or other space-saving accessory, on which you can, for example, place keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc. every time you enter the house.

If, on the other hand, space allows it, then the ideal is to place real entrance furniture, such as a wardrobe to store coats, jackets, bags, etc., or a hanger, or even a console perhaps equipped even a mirror (handy for taking a last look before going out!) and so on.

Different solutions, especially suspended furniture and with mirrors

Depending on the space available and on the style of the house, there are many solutions for entrance furniture and allow you to play on various different combinations. The combinations that are most popular are undoubtedly those that include one or more shelves, perhaps also equipped with drawers or open compartments and, precisely, the addition of a beautiful design mirror. The latter can be more or less large, it depends on tastes and needs, and sometimes you can also opt for a combination of several mirrors side by side.

Nothing prevents the insertion of elements resting on the ground, such as columns or cabinets, but undoubtedly the suspended solutions are those that give a greater feeling of spaciousness of the spaces and allow you to create very refined and modern environments. The materials and colors can be different, such as wood, metal, lacquered surfaces, etc. Very often it is by combining different finishes that the best results are obtained.

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