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The meeting tables represent the heart of a meeting room: it is around them that people gather to discuss, define ideas and make important decisions for the company. With their presence they give prestige to the company and a touch of professionalism to the meeting rooms.

The meeting tables are designed and built to furnish with style and guarantee comfort and functionality . The materials used are of high quality. The functional models are equipped with cable ducts and structures to allow the use of technological tools in comfort and safety.

The wide selection of meeting tables allows you to furnish meeting rooms of any size and with the desired style: modern or traditional, classic or minimal, simple or highly technological. Seats and other matching furniture are also available.

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  1. Tavolo Redis

  2. Tavolo Simon

  3. Tavolo Cody

  4. Tavolo Zatos

  5. Tavolo Atom

  6. Paffy table

  7. Walco table

  8. Canas table

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8 Items

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