Kids' Study Desk and Tables

Linear and minimal desks

In a children's bedroom, a piece of furniture that must absolutely not be missing is the desk, useful for doing homework or for placing computers, games consoles and books.

The main feature that a children's desk must have is practicality, so it should be equipped with a large and comfortable work surface. The desks in this shop are characterized by a practical and functional worktop, they are also made with the highest quality materials that can support even excessive weights and that do not get scratched or damaged easily.

The minimal desks are composed of a rectangular worktop and wooden legs of different types and colors. These simple desks can be customized, choosing not only the dimensions, but also the colors, finishes and construction materials.

Kids desks with shelves and drawers

If you want to buy a bedroom desk complete with drawers and shelves, many models are available in the shop, different in style, structural characteristics and details. One of the most comfortable and practical bedroom desks is the model with suspended container to be installed directly on the wall, a concentrate of design and modernity in a single piece of furniture.

Children grow up fast and it is not always possible to adapt the furniture to their age, but we have the solution for you: choose a height-adjustable desk on three levels. The modern desk with metal frame adjusts easily and can be used by both children and teenagers.

For the girls, on the other hand, a very special desk was created, which is characterized by some unique and unusual details: hidden inside the worktop, there are some shelves and drawers and you can also request the installation of a shaped mirror.
All the models of children's desks in the shop are customizable, resistant and made with the highest quality materials.

  1. Woody desk
  2. Ciuki desk
  3. Amok desk
  4. Pippo desk
  5. Ciop desk
  6. Pimpi desk
  7. Yucca desk
  8. Leo desk
  9. William desk
  10. Secret desk
  11. Vanny desk
  12. Folder desk