Children's Desks

Desks are indispensable in the children's and teenagers' room. Colorful, functional and with a sophisticated design, they are an element useful to make the environment vibrant and cozy for every young people.

Designed to provide space for study and play, the desks are characterized by the presence of details that make them really original and practical. Featuring secret compartments, pen holders, shelves and drawers, they are perfect for keeping your room in order and having books, pencils, and other items on hand. The writing desks are available in different models, finishes and colors, to enhance any corner of the room.

Our desks are made of high quality and durable materials and they come with adjustable heights which are fundamental to helping the youngest to take the right positions when studying for facilitating concentration.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Woody desk
  2. Ciuki desk
  3. Amok desk
  4. Pippo desk
  5. Ciop desk
  6. Pimpi desk
  7. Yucca desk
  8. Leo desk
  9. William desk
  10. Secret desk
  11. Vanny desk
  12. Folder desk
Set Descending Direction