Single, Double and King Size Mattresses

The right mattress for a perfect rest

The mattress is the main component of our bed, the place where, after a long day away from home, we throw ourselves to relax and release all the accumulated stress.

The choice of a mattress that knows how to respect our needs and that is a well-made product is too often underestimated. Choosing the right mattress for us will allow us to enjoy a healthy and correct rest, to wake up fresh and really relaxed. This is possible only by choosing the mattress that is right for us and that responds to certain needs of our body because not all mattresses are the same and suitable for everyone.

We offer latex, memory, independent spring and normal spring mattresses. There are also mattresses that can be orthopedic and ergonomic, so that they can also be used by those suffering from various diseases, ensuring a rest worthy of being called in this way to everyone, without distinction. In addition, the mattresses in our shop are equipped with a special differentiated density padding that allows you to adapt to our body by wrapping it, so as to guarantee the best possible rest. In our wide range of mattresses there is one for each of us.

There is a mattress for each of us

Whether you need a double, one and a half or single mattress in our shop you will find products of the highest quality strictly produced in Italy, designed and manufactured to accompany you in your night's rest for years. There is a mattress that will perfectly meet your every need.

However, let's not forget that a mattress must not only be comfortable but also versatile and easily manageable. All our mattresses are equipped with washable covers with an anti-mite and hypoallergenic system so as to keep the whole family safe, from the largest to the smallest. You just have to choose the right mattress for you among the various proposals in our shop, and start sleeping like you've never done before.