Antonelloitalia Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

The goal of this company based in San Bonifacio in the province of Verona is to express Italian design . In fact, the design and the entire manufacturing process is done entirely in Italy, guaranteeing a quality product with attention to every single detail.

The designed products have an elegant and unmistakable style and are made with the highest quality natural materials, from wood to glass and full grain leather. Each piece of furniture is handmade with the help of the best current technologies and with meticulous attention to detail.

This excellent company manufactures high-end products such as dining tables, chairs, sideboards, bar stools, bookcases and accessories with a contemporary design and luxurious style. The furniture made is always in trend and is often the subject of many furnishing magazines.

antonello italia
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  1. Consolle Ade
  2. Specchio Alvin
  3. Consolle Delizia
  4. Tavolino Bali
  5. Tavolino Combi
  6. Credenza Aura
  7. Credenza Atena
  8. Credenza Esmeralda
  9. Tavolo Twins Resort
  10. Tavolo Rialto
  11. Tavolo Resort
  12. Tavolo Zagor
  13. Tavolo Aliante
  14. Tavolo Patrik
  15. Alexia sideboard
  16. Bring Tv Tecno
  17. Punto coffee table
  18. Parigi cupboard
  19. Miami table
  20. Ark console
  21. Infinity table
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