Behaviour Upon Delivery

The furniture we offer is a complex commodity to produce and transport and therefore requires adequate services to guarantee a high standard of quality. We assist each customer by providing a guideline that safeguards the interest of the purchase at the stage of receiving the parcels, enjoying an after-sales service capable of responding to any anomalies.

The guidelines listed below enable our customer service to offer assistance and replacements at no charge. If they are not followed, we may be forced to charge a fee for repair or replacement of any faults.

1. Check the number of packages

Check that the number of packages received is equal to the number indicated on the delivery note. If the number of packages delivered does not match, write "Missing Packages" on the courier's delivery note.

2.Check the external condition of packages

Most of our products are packed with bubble wrap, polystyrene corners and thick cardboard. If the packages are damaged (even slightly), it is necessary to report this packaging alteration in the courier's delivery note. It is essential to specify the packaging anomaly by writing "Torn packaging / Punctured packaging / Crushed or folded packaging / Wet packaging". Generic reservations, such as the words 'Control Reservation', will not be accepted.

3. Photographic documentation

It is compulsory to photograph the external appearance of the packages in case the packages show anomalies.

4. Opening packages

Open packages with care and attention, especially if cutters or blades are used. Sharp objects used when opening packages are among the main causes of damage and as they are recognisable signs they are not covered by warranty.

5. Checking products

In the event of anomalies to an item, it is necessary to take detailed photographs of the affected part before proceeding with any removal from the packaging or assembly. It is important to keep the original packaging at least until completion of assembly or before using the furniture. In case of replacement, the original packaging must be reused.

6. Time

All reports on the integrity of the products must be made within 48 hours after delivery. Reports shall be made by sending the documentation to our Customer Service at [email protected]

Examples of damaged packages to report

The corners of the package are dented.

Packed dent Packed dent

The package is bent and crushed.

Crushed parcel Crushed parcel

The package was deformed following an impact.

Deformed parcel Deformed parcel

The package has holes and / or tears.

Perforated pack Perforated pack

The package has been altered and covered with scotch tape.

Stuffed package Stuffed package

The package is wet.

Wet pack Wet pack


If the packaging is altered during delivery, the driver may proceed to open the packages in order to check the integrity of the product. Any anomaly or defect must be noted on the delivery note or in the driver's transport document. It is advisable to return damaged packages to the courier so that the product can be easily replaced.

The products we offer are usually bulky and heavy, so we recommend handling them with extreme care and having other people help with handling.

The sales chain is very direct, in fact the products come directly from the producer. To ensure maximum customer protection, a reporting deadline of 48 hours after unloading has been set. This allows us to attribute responsibility for any anomaly to production, transport, or floor handling and assembly operations. The term expressed in the Consumer Code regarding 'hidden defects' remains valid, and during the warranty period guarantees the customer 2 months from discovery of the defect to report it to the seller. In the case of returns, the original packaging must be used; in the absence of this, the manufacturer may request a financial contribution to restore the packaging.