Behaviour Upon Delivery

In order to receive the best assistance from our Customer Service and be completely protected, both from production defects or from transport damages, it is the Customer's duty to follow every step of the procedure indicated below.

1. Check the number of packages

Check that the number of packages received is the same as the number indicated on the delivery note. If the number of parcels delivered does not match, write the word "Missing Packages" in the courier's DDT.

2. Check the external state of the packages

Most of our products are packed with bubble wrap, polystyrene corners and a thick cardboard. If the packages are damaged (even minimally) it is necessary to report this alteration of the packaging in the courier's delivery note.

3. Sign the transport document

Once the status of the package has been checked and any anomalies are written in the courier's DDT, you should accepted the goods even if anomalies are found. Each described problem must also be signed and confirmed by the courier (legible signature).

4. Photographic documentation

It is always mandatory to photograph the external appearance of the packages, both in the case of acceptance of goods without having found any anomalies and in the case of a signed signature.

5. Opening packages

Carefully open the parcels especially if you are using cutters or blades. Sharp objects used when opening packages are among the main causes of damage and recognizable signs are not covered by warranty.

6. Verify products

In case of anomalies to any product it is necessary to photograph in detail the interested part before proceeding with the eventual disposal of the packaging or before assembling the product. Always keep the original packaging at least until assembling is completed. In case of replacement it is necessary to re-use the original packaging.

Examples of damaged packages to report

The corners of the package are dented.

Packed dent Packed dent

The package is bent and crushed.

Crushed parcel Crushed parcel

The package was deformed following an impact.

Deformed parcel Deformed parcel

The package has holes and / or tears.

Perforated pack Perforated pack

The package has been altered and covered with scotch tape.

Stuffed package Stuffed package

The package is wet.

Wet pack Wet pack


If you believe that any anomaly detected may be a Production Defect or a Transport Damage you must promptly report to Customer Service. Reports on the External Status of Packages must be made the same day as the Supply Discharge or at the latest the following morning; reports on the integrity of the items after the opening of the packages must be made within 48 hours of discharge.

The reporting times indicated here were determined in the interests of the Customer and therefore precisely to assist you in the best cases where the responsibility for any anomaly is difficult to attribute to production, to A&D S.R.L. or to transport, or to operations. Handling on the floor and assembly are Customer's responsibility. The term expressed in the Consumer Code regarding the "hidden defects" remains valid, and that during the Guarantee period guarantees the Consumer 2 months from the discovery of the defect to report it to the Seller (in such cases the Customer will still have to send photographic documentation and any withdrawal of the product must show that it is not a damage caused by "misuse" by the Customer).