Birex Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

An excellent-sized company, part of a well-known group of furniture makers, it is located in Friuli in the province of Pordenone (delineated furniture area ) where various carpenters of the time knew with skill and dedication to recognize the value of having become entrepreneurs, to give life to date for various cutting edge companies.

The furniture is built with ecological panels, made with recycled wood. These products are resistant to water and humidity, supported by severe Cats tests in the company. The scratch-resistant Sand finish is made with water-based lacquering. The use of state-of-the-art machinery means that each piece of furniture has a millimeter definition in detail for a quality made in Italy that is visible and long-lasting.

Furnishing the various rooms of the house, where you can place the shoe racks, or where to bind the laundry corner, is very easy. With these furniture you can rearrange your shoes, iron clothes, taking into account the practical solution but which perfectly aligns with design, innovation and comfort.

  1. Cinzia laundry
  2. Lorenza wash basin
  3. Teolo laundry
  4. Roby laundry
  5. Jessica laundry
  6. Gigi laundry
  7. Nicola laundry
  8. Ariete laundry
  9. Pamela laundry
  10. Flavia laundry
  11. Denise laundry
  12. Sahara laundry
  13. Cleope laundry
  14. Lucio laundry
  15. Hidro laundry
  16. Larry wash basin
  17. Uranio mirror
  18. Alessia mirror
  19. Homy mirror
  20. Regolo pouf
  21. Lillo mirror
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