Bontempi Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Bontempi casa is a prominent company, founded in the 60s by the brothers Alessandro and Giacomo Bontempi. The production of the articles was born in an artisanal way and then always supported the economic development of those years.

The search for quality and beauty of design has always been decisive; the entrepreneurial adventure is more active than ever even in the second generation, to emphasize the made in Italy that offers a prestigious product and a contemporary trend.

Various precious materials are used in the Bontempi production: from steel as table bases, to glass, ceramic, wooden or unicolor tops.

The chairs are available in leather, metal, leather fiber and other fine materials, always in constant evolution in order to satisfy customer requests. Choosing Bontempi products is awareness of the refined design; it is the continuous search for beauty that is expressed in this case in the furnishings, ready to increase the value of the house in which it is placed.

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  1. Daya armchair
  2. Clara armchair
  3. Shark stool
  4. Net stool
  5. Nata stool
  6. Linda stool
  7. Kuga stool
  8. Galaxy stool
  9. Eva stool
  10. Clara stool
  11. Ines chair
  12. Hisa chair
  13. Galaxy chair
  14. Freak chair
  15. Dalila chair
  16. Clark chair
  17. Matrix table
  18. Versus table
  19. Podium table
  20. Magnum table
  21. Pascal table
  22. Tom table
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