Designing and building houses

When we think about furnishing a space, whether indoor or outdoor, we have a strong desire to achieve a result that meets our expectations. Whether it is a living or working space, what we want to achieve is a functional environment, well organised of course; but above all beautiful, where it is pleasant to be in. An environment that arouses emotions and harmony. With this line of thought and ideology we have expanded our services, proposing the construction of complete houses. Thanks to the collaboration between various professionals in the sector, we are able to offer a 360° service for the construction of homes, from the design of the house to the supply and installation of the furnishings.

Realizzazione casa completa di design

Definition Harmony:

  • In architecture, proportionate correspondence between the principal and secondary parts, and between the individual architectural members and the whole;
  • In painting and sculpture, the convenient arrangement of figures in the work as a whole: harmony of line, of form; harmony of colour or chromatic harmony, the agreement of colours obtained by the juxtaposition of different tones or even, in the simplest form, tones of the same range or different gradations of a single tone.

Emotions and harmony are the concepts with which we develop projects at the request of our customers. We want to arouse strong emotions, like listening to your favourite music, admiring a landscape or enchanting yourself when looking at great works of art. That is our goal. In order to achieve this, we cooperate with people who are skilled in all fields and, most importantly, there is a construction manager (architect) who will be your only contact person. Like an orchestra conductor, the architect has the difficult task of directing and juggling all the contractors so that all the professionals working on the project work together to meet the project, budget and schedule.

What we offer:

  1. design of the entire building within your budget
  2. selection of the companies to be commissioned (your own or proposed by us)
  3. municipal building practices
  4. supervision of the work during its execution
  5. design and supply of furniture, including assembly, assistance and possible removal of furniture from another location
  6. design and realisation of custom-made furniture

How it works:

  1. first meeting with clients to obtain the necessary information and illustrate the work carried out
  2. inspection and collection of the necessary documentation to estimate the type of intervention and costs
  3. creation of a design proposal complete with reference images, 2D and 3D drawings and, if necessary, photographic renderings on request
  4. drafting of an interior design project and relative cost, including supply and assembly
  5. visit to showrooms and subsequent definition of furniture finishes
  6. drafting of the final project and presentation of the building file
  7. drafting of the executive project and meetings with companies for the information necessary for drawing up estimates
  8. analysis of quotes and choice of companies
  9. supervision of works during execution of work
  10. supply and assembly of furniture and relative assistance


  1. thanks to the guidance of the architect who will follow you to the end, you will not have to sacrifice your free time or your work for the research of furniture, companies, various technicians necessary for the success of the project
  2. You will be able to have people you trust work on the project, if you have any. We will take care of coordinating and monitoring them
  3. a single point of contact between the overall design of the rooms and the furnishings avoids complications on site with the plant engineering equipment
  4. thanks to our collaborators, we can manage the customisation of the furnishing solutions and the modification of existing furnishings in the case of changes of residence

Realizzazione casa completa di design

A great deal of attention is paid to the initial phase of getting to know the client: how he experiences the space in his home, what his passions are, what the home represents for him and what spaces he prefers. The first meetings are dedicated to studying reference images selected by the architect and the client to understand their tastes and to involve them in the creation. A great deal of care is devoted to the composition of the interior and exterior space, together with the study of the setting to be created using lights, materials, furnishings and objects. All this to create a complete and harmonious environment. The same attention to the study of space and setting is applied to the interiors. A good project does not require a large budget; a few interventions in the right places and in the right ways can give character and personality to an apparently anonymous environment.

Our customer service is available for more information. You can speak directly with one of our architects to design your home.