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Company with over fifty years of experience, located in the Friuli region, in the province of Pordenone. It was born as an artisan company, but over the years it specializes more and more becoming an industrial reality, precisely located in an area called the "furniture area".

The procurement in the careful choice of materials, the selection of the best hardware, allows you to build furniture with a skilful all-Italian experience. The wide range of products allows the end customer to furnish various rooms in his home with style and design.

The catalog of this company has various products for your home; from the coffee table for the living room, to the entrance furniture, extendable consoles and dining tables. A wide range of colors and finishes to furnish with harmony taking into account the excellent value for money. The contemporary taste ensures that every single product integrates very well with the rest of the furnishings of your home, especially considering functionality.

la primavera
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