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The production site of this company is in the Veneto region, in the province of Treviso. This company was built by hand in the 80s, until it became modern, innovative and cutting edge.

It produces taking into account real wood, where the various veins given by our immense nature are appreciated by true connoisseurs of furniture. The essence of ash wood is used for the most part in the construction of furniture for the living room and for the sleeping area. This prestige is offered in a very wide range of colors, together with the graphic textures. In the standard sliding wardrobes, the soft system is applied to open and close the soft- closing doors, to best meet the various needs of customers.

Taking advantage of the skilful woodworking, this Venetian company offers a high quality in the production of its furniture. Technique and design go hand in hand for a detailed research of their collections. Lovers of real furniture recognize the high value of wood, always suitable for innovative and current styles.

  1. Sideboard Akim
  2. Sideboard Akomi
  3. Bisaro sideboard
  4. Faenza sideboard
  5. Dudu sideboard
  6. Audit Bookcase
  7. Benedet sideboard
  8. Komi sideboard
  9. David sideboard
  10. Kiev sideboard
  11. Giordy sideboard
  12. Matilde sideboard
  13. Sanzio sideboard
  14. Monet sideboard
  15. Ipsilon sideboard
  16. Felet sideboard
  17. Alpine sideboard
  18. Cupra sideboard
  19. Bonsai sideboard
  20. Dolly sideboard
  21. Mirella sideboard
  22. Montana sideboard
  23. Sideboard Scarlet
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