Nidi Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Nidi is an excellent Venetian company, located on the slopes of the Treviso foothills, called the Prosecco hills, a World Heritage Site, part of the Battistella Group which since 1953 has been a leader in the production of laminate bedrooms, ideal for children and teenagers.

This company takes care of the furnishing of the little ones, and therefore the materials, such as laminate, and the hardware, are specially selected for the rooms of the boys, where they live their daily lives, in the comfort given by safety and functionality, as well as that beauty accompanied by constantly innovative designs.

By choosing Nidi you have the possibility to furnish the children's room with maximum functionality and modularity. The latter are the result of in-depth studies by designers who organize the spaces in a logical and constructive way, creating compositions that can be configured over time in order to satisfy the various personal needs. The finishes are many, the play of colors approaches the choice of fabrics for the various products padded and harmoniously the sleeping room also becomes a studio-game room to be enjoyed every day.

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