Novamobili Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Novamobili is a Treviso-based company that is part of the Battistella Group, born in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo. It is a strong industrial reality dedicated to the creation of furniture for the night and day area, all dedicated to the enhancement of the various environments.

The company is technologically advanced and studies, together with a team of designers and planners, the various furnishing solutions, with a very wide modularity and with eco-compatible solutions. The matt water-based lacquering phases (the first company to use them) are a perfect choice for promoting environmental sustainability. Lacquering and assembly are carried out by hand by craftsmen and qualified operators in the creation of the furniture.

Novamobili furnishings have international certification for the ecological panel (for the use of 100% recycled woods ). This is a very important recognition whenever you decide to buy furniture for your home. In this way, in addition to Italian design, in line with the needs of contemporary living, you have the certainty of purchasing ideal furniture for human health.

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  1. Madia Box 18-5
  2. Madia Box 18-4
  3. Madia Box 18-3
  4. Box sideboard 18-2
  5. Sideboard Box 18-1
  6. Quarantacinque week
  7. Zico bed
  8. Modo bed
  9. Smart bed
  10. Grace bed
  11. Circe bed
  12. Park bed
  13. Siri bed
  14. Rain bed
  15. Velvet bed
  16. Tape bed
  17. Zen bed
  18. Stones bed
  19. Quadrat chair
  20. Set chair
  21. Time chair
  22. Natt chair
  23. Doll chair
  24. Candy chair
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