Seats for a dining table

We would like to illustrate the concept of comfort at the table that allows us to define the maximum number of seats depending on the size of the table. This can help in the choice of purchasing a table both for the house or public environments such as bars and restaurants, so the capacity of seats for each table can be optimized, preserving the comfort.

Below we illustrate the criteria by which we calculate the maximum number of seats for a table:

It should be remembered that by varying these criteria it is possible that the maximum number of seats may decrease, especially in the case of a table with a 4-legged base with a considerable thickness. Even the choice of a chair with armrests or a large armchair can affect the space available for seats.

Calculate seating for your dining table

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 Maximum number of seats

Rectangular tables

An extendable or fixed rectangular table has a short side of a minimum length of 70 cm and a long side that can reach even over 300 cm. For a more comfortable solution it is advisable to have the short side greater than 70 cm, in order to give the table companion on that side the right space for a comfortable seat. Tables with a short side greater than or equal to 90 cm are suitable for placing more glasses, bottles and any serving dishes.

110x70 Rectangular table for 4 people110x90 Rectangular table for 4 people120x70 Rectangular table for 6 people120x90 Rectangular table for 6 people170x90 Rectangular table for 6 people180x90 Rectangular table for 8 people210x90 Rectangular table for 8 people240x100 Rectangular table for 10 people300x100 Rectangular table for 12 people

Square tables

A square table can have a minimum size of 70x70 cm- They are usually used in bars and restaurants and can have a maximum size that can exceed even 140x140 cm. For an optimal seat at the table it is suggested to opt for a minimum side size of 90 cm so that diners have more freedom of movement and there is adequate space for glasses and bottles.

70x70 Square table for 4 people90x90 Square table for 4 people110x110 Square table for 4 people120x120 Square table for 8 people170x170 Square table for 8 people

Round tables

The round table is an ideal solution to have all the table companions in front of each other, facilitating the conversation that can be shared by all participants. The round tables allow a better distribution of the tabe companions around the perimeter, guaranteeing the correct comfort with a suitable space for movement.

Round table diameter 70 cm for 3 peopleRound table diameter 80 cm for 4 peopleRound table diameter 100 cm for 5 peopleRound table diameter 120 cm for 6 peopleRound table diameter 140 cm for 7 peopleRound table diameter 160 cm for 8 people

Elliptical tables

An elliptical table or an oval table is characterized by having a long side and a short side without any corner. This feature blends the advantages of a rectangular table and a round table, being able to accommodate many table companions by arranging them on one side to the other, favoring a collective dialogue.

120x90 Elliptical table for 5 people140x90 Elliptical table for 6 people170x90 Elliptical table for 7 people200x100 Elliptical table for 8 people

Our customer service is available for any advice on the amount of chairs to accommodate a table. With the assistance of one of our interior designers, you will find the ideal solution for furnishing the dining room with table and chairs.