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An upholstery company born in the 80s, in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the north-east, where master craftsmen, rich in excellent experience, have been able to exploit their skills, in producing sofas and beds becoming an industrialized company in the various working years , optimizing production.

The choice of materials with which the various products are made is made very consciously, the result of constant research to be able to offer excellent wooden structures and springs. The padding is non-deformable, covered in Dracon or mixed feather; they are excellent and fundamental to support and make the product elastic over time.

By purchasing a product of this company, you are sure to buy a made in Italy, in the true sense of the word. The philosophy of this company has been to give up relocations, in order to produce in their own Italian territory, they give added value to their products and enhancing the work of their collaborators dedicated to the creation of sofas and beds of high artisan value.

Divani Letti Samoa azienda Italiana
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  1. Rete Yuki
  2. Rete Dolì
  3. Pouf Mooving
  4. Divano Clint
  5. Flow Comfort sofa
  6. Flow Glide sofa
  7. Flow Double sofa
  8. Flow Comfort sofa
  9. Flow Best sofa
  10. Flow Double sofa
  11. Flow Mono sofa
  12. Flow Glide sofa
  13. Flow Mono sofa
  14. Flow Comfort sofa
  15. Flow Best sofa
  16. Flow Double sofa
  17. Flow Glide sofa
  18. Flow Mono sofa
  19. Sommier Emar
  20. Flow pouf
  21. Flow armchair
  22. Emar drawer
  23. Emar Double bed
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