Vanity Home Furnishings: Catalog and Offers

Italian company, located in the province of Pordenone, founded in 2011, managed by young entrepreneurs, always looking for new technologies to assemble with the best mirror design with strong aesthetic creativity.

Mirrors are an important piece of completion in the whole of the furniture itself. If this is created by also optimizing quality and design, we can offer the customer various solutions, including the Blue Vibe option (music via Bluetooth with vibrating speakers). In the mirrors with or without a container, the infrared sensor is installed which has LED light intensity regulation and the anti-fog function with specific switch. Plexiglass is used on the sides of the mirrors, which thanks to the transparency offers uniformity of illumination and the new dualwhite system which with white light with double seal kevin allows to satisfy the different needs of the customer with the same mirror.

The excellent choice of these products has the advantage of also respecting the environment; in fact they are built with recycled material which after strict controls obtain certification but above all they are low in energy consumption.

vanità casa
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