Alta Corte Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Italian company, located in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the Northeast, in the furniture area , where creativity, design and construction is a symbol of Italian quality and excellence.

In this company, wood has an invaluable value, as it is the source of realizations of tables and chairs that correspond to values and traditions handed down over time. The various woods are selected and chosen with unusual criteria; "aged wood" is privileged to highlight its personality and its various imperfections, even after the various natural treatments, making each piece unique which enhances the various signals that wood can transmit over time.

Beyond the trend of the moment, this company wants to offer timeless style and design together with its product; the winning combination to furnish the house with the maximum comfort that solid wood can give, together with the quality that remains in the longevity of time.

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  1. Houston table
  2. Dallas table
  3. Lory chair
  4. Margi chair
  5. Elly chair
  6. Jaguar table
  7. Camy chair
  8. Emily chair
  9. Naory chair
  10. Narciso table
  11. Torero table
  12. Orlando table
  13. Hulk table
  14. Madrid table
  15. Seul table
  16. Yellowstone table
  17. Australia table
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